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Topógrafo de Córnea

Colored Map

The values ​​of the radii of curvature at each point, ranging from the surface of the cornea to the optical axis, determine the different curvatures that are shown through a color scale with intervals that can vary from 0.5 to 1.5 D or even be customized. This view uses the relative type scale.

Topógrafo de Córnea

3D Map

This map plots the corneal diopters in relation to a plane, without considering their elevations, and may be useful for a better understanding of the corneal conformation. This view uses the relative type scale.

Topógrafo de Córnea

Differential Map

The Differential Map tells us the result of the difference in the radius of curvature obtained by subtracting two maps of the same patient made at different times. It is of great value in the analysis of the effect induced by the refractive surgical procedure and corneal transplantation.

Topógrafo de Córnea

Numerical Map

The numerical map has keratometric values ​​observed along the corneal surface. The system calculates the average value of all points on the meridians of the 3mm optical zone, to identify the meridian with the greatest curvature. The flatest meridian is obtained at 90º from the most curved. The meridians are then described in terms of their dioptric power, radius of curvature and axis. The diopters are plotted numerically every 20º for the detected rings. The colors of the values ​​accompany the colors of the relative scale.

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