ANVISA Eyetec Registration: We are a company certified by ANVISA in the Good Manufacturing Practices RDC 16 of 2013. This certificate guarantees that the company has a quality management system in compliance with the legal requirements of production, distribution, transportation and Technical Assistance for Equipment Doctors and correlates.

    In conclusion, our ANVISA Registration guarantees customers a fully controlled, tracked process that meets international requirements for the manufacture of medical equipment.

    Registro ANVISA

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    All Eyetec equipment has Records in the ANVISA to better serve our audience, offering greater quality and safety.

    Meet our quality policy.

    Below are the ANVISA Registration numbers:

    Operating permit 800425-5
    Auto Projector EAP 1000 80042559002
    Auto Projector EAP 2000 80042559002
    Auto Projector EAP 3000 80042559002
    Solaris Campimeter 80042559015
    CP 120 Campimeter 80042550006
    FTF Photophore 1.0 80042559007
    LF3 Slit Lamp 80042559013
    OBI LED OSP 2.0 80042559004
    OBI OHN 3.5 FC 80042559005
    OBI OHN 3.5 FP 80042559005
    OBI OHN 3.6 80042559005
    OBI OSF 1.0 80042559009
    OBI ODS 6.0 80042559008
    OBI ODN 4.4 80042559006
    Specular Non-Contact Microscope 80042550008
    OBI LAM 80042559011
    OBI LED 80042559010
    OBI Common OHC 3.3 80042550003
    OBI with OHD 4.2 Camera 80042550002


    Lighting system set for indirect binocular ophthalmoscope with super led light source


    Automated instrument for measuring the visual field of the human eye


    Computerized keratometer for measurements before, during and after surgery


    Surgical corneal surveyor


    Wavefront sensor device with cylindrical symmetry to measure optical aberrations


    Instrument for measuring the topography of the human cornea

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